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Sunday, 29th March 2020

Welcome back. It’s all here: announcements, handout, scripture readings, prayer, and a sermon. As always, youth lead youth. Scroll down and join us.


The Dock is now online 7:30p every Friday with games, prayer, and a look at the Bible. Check your email or hit up your Lifeboat Captain for the link if you need it (it should be the same link every week).


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Welcome to Harbor. Settle in, get comfortable, and prepare yourself for worship. Worship isn’t something we consume passively, but an activity in which we offer ourselves to God. May God give you eyes to see and ears to hear as you scroll down and enter into worship.

lenten reading

The Lenten prophecy of Isaiah.


A three song playlist prepared by our very own mixmaster, Vivian.


Psalm 26, psalm of disorientation in which the psalmist cries out to God for deliverance on the basis of their character and integrity.


Instructions for giving while we meet online are available here.


We are constantly aware of how we are perceived (or think we are perceived) by others. Most of us can’t walk past a window or a mirror without checking our reflection to see how we look to others. We look at ourselves in a video chat more than anyone else on the screen. So we end up doing lots of things to try to manage others’ perceptions of us.

This can be good or bad. It’s good to take a shower and comb your hair so that you appear employable. It’s bad to try to convince someone that your life is exciting when you’re bored all the time. It’s a question of integrity. It’s a question of honesty.

What are they ways that you go about trying to control others’ perceptions of you? Are they honest or dishonest? Do they help people see you as you really are, or do they keep people from seeing the real you? Do you do things to try to convince people that you’re someone that you’re not? Take a moment to talk with God about the integrity of your soul.

sermon text

John 13



lifeboat questions

Contact your lifeboat captain to find out when and how your group is getting together online. If you’re not in a lifeboat but want to join one, let us know.

  1. Like Peter, we’ve all needed Jesus’ forgiveness and restoration after moments of poor integrity. What does it feel like when your will, your mind, and your actions aren’t in sync, when you know that what you’re saying isn’t true or that what you’re doing isn’t what you mean? Can you feel the parts of your soul straining?
  2. What does the opposite feel like? What’s it like to be in a group of people in which you know that you are loved and free to love them in turn, when you have no reason to hide your motives, cover up your faults, or fear rejection but are free to let down your guard and be yourself? What are some places you’ve come the closest to experiencing that?
  3. If the ultimate expression of integrity is love, what are some practical ways that we can love each other and our neighbors while we all maintain a 6’ distance?
  4. Michael Scott, the General Manager on the TV show The Office once quipped, “Of all the lies I’ve ever told, that was by far the most generous.” Do you have a doozie you’re brave enough to share with you lifeboat? What‘s the biggest lie you ever told?
  5. Read II Samuel 11:1-12:15. What does this story tell us about love and integrity?