some things we believe


Nothing matters more than Jesus. He’s the son of God, crucified, dead, buried, and resurrected on the third day, as the gospels testify. He makes God known to us, and makes life together with God the Father in the Holy Spirit possible for anyone who will believe. This is at the core of everything we do.


Serious things can and should generally be a whole lot of fun. Jesus loved a party, and we love partying with Jesus. Eating together, hunting glow sticks, pulling TP tails, “rowing” across Monrovia, and throwing marshmallows at each other are all a part of the way that we love each other, which is the very heart of Jesus’ teachings.

the youth lead youth

We’re committed to the Youth leading Youth. Youth leaders join with Pastor Nick in making decisions for the ministry. Youth Lifeboat Captains lead midweek discipleship groups. Youth make announcements, run slides, and sing and play in the worship band. We’re fortunate to have several adult Youth Workers, but their job is to support Youth, not run it.

the bible

We’re a bunch of bible geeks. The Bible is fascinating! The stories shape our imaginations, the letters are brilliant, the poems are beautiful, and the gospels are the best and clearest revelation of God people have ever received. You’re gonna want to geek out with us.