weekly events

  • Harbor is on Zoom 11:30a Sunday.
  • Lifeboats hangout online immediately after Harbor.
  • A recorded midweek message from Pastor Nick will be available on our website each week.
  • The Dock is on Zoom 7:30p Friday, with a bunch of Zoom friendly games.
  • College Sunday School meets up 10:00am on Zoom.
  • Youth Sunday School is postponed until further notice.

the dock

7:30pm – 9:00pm friday

The Dock is youth fellowship. If you’re new to youth, The Dock is the best place to connect! With snacks, lots of games, and a look at the Bible, the dock will work for you whether you grew up in a church or are visiting for the first time.


11:30am – 12:30pm sunday

Harbor is youth worship. The main elements include prayer, music, and preaching.


different times | different days

Lifeboats are youth discipleship groups. Lifeboats are youth led. They can meet in living rooms, boba shops, and on school campuses. At a lifeboat you’ll pray for each other, discuss the sermon, and share your lives with one another.

Lifeboats are the secret sauce. They’re where the magic happens. If you’re following Jesus, then you need to be in a lifeboat. Use the contact form at the bottom of any page to let us know if you’re interested.